Vi ska göra skillnad
för akutsjukvården”

Karl Ahlstedt, VD Aweria

At Aweria we are driven by great dedication and the insight that smart e-health solutions generate benefits and make a difference in emergency care. By streamlining the processes and providing emergency care professionals with efficient tools that facilitate their work, we not only help to save lives in the long run, we also save time and utilize resources in a better way. Thanks to our close collaboration with the physicians, nurses and ambulance personnel who use our system, we understand the needs that exist within emergency care and develop solutions for the future.

Karl Ahlstedt
Chief Executive Officer (VD)

Victor Cronsby
Product Design Lead

Filip Gustavsson
Development Team Lead

Ville Wennerlund
Software Developer

Shivani Borgaonkar
QA Lead

Remy Boerhoop
Software Developer

Himadri Mohan
Software Developer

Joakim Lundkvist
Software Developer

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