Sunderby Hospital frees up extra minutes for each patient

Region Norrbotten was one of the first to implement Aweria’s digital platform in its emergency care processes. The personnel get a much better overview and tell how patient safety has increased and how the collaboration between the ambulance service and the emergency department has improved. Hear representatives for Sunderby Hospital talk about how their emergency care business has been affected since the implementation.

Region Halland increases patient safety

During 2017, Aweria was implemented in the emergency departments at Halland’s hospitals. Earlier systems with emergency journals in paper format made it difficult to monitor and follow up the activities or to generate statistics as a basis for decisions and business development. With digital journals, patient safety has increased and the new requirements from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare have been met, according to a project report that has been produced by Region Halland.

Today, it is easier to follow the patient throughout the emergency care chain due, among other things, to the fact that more professions have access to the emergency journals at the same time, which facilitates prioritization and treatment planning. Resources are utilized more efficiently, and it is easier to follow the patients and to produce documentation as a basis for dialogue, reporting and decisions. There is also a significant improvement in the quality of the documentation regarding each patient and each happening in the emergency care chain.